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Membership in  NMAIC

NMAIC is an Albuquerque-based 501c/3 non-profit organization created to support New Mexico artists through collaboration and collective action. The member artists receive access to events, including sales and marketing opportunities, and the chance to collaborate and learn from other artists. In return, each member is called on for support in organizing and running events.



  1. Members receive opportunities to present their work in NMAIC organized events.

  2. The collective provides member with sales and marketing promotions connected to any NMAIC shows that the member is accepted into.

  3. Members can collaborate and learn from other members of the collective.



  1. To assist in the organizing of events planned by the collective. This can be done by serving on a committee established by the board at least one time per year.

  2. To be reasonably available to other members for collaboration and learning.

  3. To grow as an artist by creating new pieces, learning new techniques, or collaborating with other members.

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