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Rebecca Bulgrin

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In 1997 Rebecca was living in Jacksonville, Florida when her fiancée encouraged her to take a leaded stained glass art class at a local glass shop. Never skipping an opportunity to learn something new, she joined the class to give it a try. Her previous association of stained glass had been with Victorian homes, churches, and Tiffany lamps. They seemed complicated but with beautiful, varied colors and patterns. She liked the way light filtered through the glass, casting colorful shadows on walls and floors. One class and Rebecca was hooked for life!

In 1999, Rebecca moved to New Mexico where she has been working as a Speech-language Pathologist, specializing in early intervention. In 2016 she became a scuba diving instructor, teaching others to be passionate about the ocean.  Stained glass has helped balance her everyday life. Rebecca intends her work to capture scenes from her travels and experience as a scuba diver. Since she began working with stained glass she has created stained glass art for friends, commissions, and contributed unique pieces for fundraisers.

Rebecca’s art is her passion. She enjoys how each piece contributes to a larger theme. She likes to design pieces that are removed from ‘typical’ stained glass. Rebecca is happiest when a piece reflects the event that inspired it.

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